Can I Get Group Travel Insurance?

Can I Get Group Travel Insurance?

Yes, you can get group travel insurance if you’re travelling with your family or a group.

Who Can Use Group Travel Insurance?

Group travel insurance is ideal for any group of people who are travelling together. Our group travel insurance policies are ideal for:

  • Family holidays/reunions
  • Business conferences
  • School trips
  • Study tours
  • Cultural tours
  • Sports tours
  • Religious gatherings
  • Destination weddings

How Do I Apply for Group Travel Insurance?

Getting group travel insurance from insure4less is easy.

You can buy travel insurance for your entire group as the organiser, making the process faster and easier. To start the process, simply get a quote from us and indicate how many people are travelling with you, including the number of adults and children in your group and their ages. We’ll also ask some questions regarding your trip, including where you are travelling to and the dates of travel. After giving us the necessary information, you’ll see an online group travel insurance quote immediately.

If you’re happy with our quote, simply follow the simple instructions to secure your group travel insurance online.

What Else Do I Need to Do For Group Travel Insurance?

If you are taking out your group travel insurance, you have a couple of responsibilities:

First, you’ll need to answer all the questions in our online application on behalf of all members of your group.

Second, as the purchaser of the insurance and organiser of your group, you must tell all members to read our Product Disclosure Statement. This will ensure that everyone in your group understands what our group travel insurance covers, including all applicable inclusions and exclusions.

Why Should I Get Group Travel Insurance?

If you’re travelling as a group, then getting group travel insurance is always a practical option. Here’s why:

1. It’s more convenient. Applying for individual travel insurance can be time-consuming, especially if you have several members travelling together. But with group travel insurance, you can get coverage for the entire group in one application, making the entire process faster and easier. At insure4Less, you can apply for up to 50 travellers (25 adults, 25 children) on one policy and through one payment, which will undoubtedly save you plenty of time and effort.

2. No reduction in cover. Although group travel insurance lets you protect more people at the same time, it doesn’t mean that you get less cover for each member. With group travel insurance, there’s no reduction in cover, which means full protection for every group member throughout your trip.

3. It gives you peace of mind. Not everyone likes getting travel insurance when they travel, so ensuring protection for everyone can sometimes be tricky. But with group travel insurance, you can make sure that all members of your group are protected, whether they normally get travel insurance or not. As the tour organiser or group leader, this can give you tremendous peace of mind while travelling.

Have Any More Questions?

If you have any more questions about our group travel insurance policies, please contact our team to find out more. We’ll be more than happy to answer any questions you might have about group travel insurance.

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