Here at insure4less we try to provide the best service and the best deals possible. We like to keep the customer satisfied and send them away happy. Here's a few examples of what people have to say about us....

Gosh that was a staggeringly quick reply, and very helpful.

Thank you.


Thank you so much.

Such fast and fantastic service. It is very much appreciated


Thanks very much for being so helpful, quick to respond to my emails, and clear with your answers to my questions (you would not believe some of the confused and garbled answers I've had from some other companies).

You've been a star - Thank you!



I just wanted to say thank you for the speedy processing of my claim - i am impressed.

Kind regards


You are a beauty!!!



Thank you for all your help. One never expects to need insurance when travelling...Glad we had it now.

Kind regards


G'day insure4less,

Thanks for your prompt reply. I have purchased the cover via internet this morning.



Thanks for your prompt reply, that is excellent news. I will be taking out a policy as soon as I have confirmed my travel dates.

Best Regards,


Thank you - your response was amazingly quick. I will certainly be using your company for my travel insurance.


Thanks a lot for your great service. Much appreciated!



You've been very helpful. Regards


Thanks a million - you guys have been great from start to finish!


I have to say its great to get good customer focused service for a change and will definitely recommend you to anyone I know is planning to travel.


Thanks for the speedy reply! That’s great, thank you for that.


Thanks for getting back to me so quickly!

Kind regards,


Hi insure4less,

Thanks for your quick response - very impressed... Anyways - thanks heaps for putting my mind at ease.

Hopefully you won’t hear from us until the next holiday!



Just wanted to say thank you for dealing with my claim so promptly. I've already recommended your company to my housemate who travels internationally regularly and will have no hesitation in recommending you to other friends. I hope to travel again soon and will certainly buy insurance from you again.


I would like to add that I have been extremely happy with your company particularly in the way my claim last year was handled. I have recommended Insure4less to several friends who have needed travel insurance. I am in the process taking out another policy for my trip this year and will be in touch shortly. Many thanks


We thought the emergency service responded very well and it was great that it was a 24 hour service as it helped to organise things quicker. They seemed genuinely concerned about our welfare.


Wonderful! Many thanks for your quick response.



Thanks so much for your help! Have a great weekend...


Sir, you are indeed incredible!!

Thank you SO much!

Kind regards


Thanks so much for your kind response as well as your prompt attention to this request. I look forward to using your service on the next international trip.

Cheers and bye for now...


Many thanks for the quick response and customer care


Thank you so much for the prompt service.

I will be recommending you to anyone who is travelling overseas!!



In case anyone is ever in a similar predicament, I wanted to share with you details of a company who have solved all of our problems. Insure4less were able to help with our exact needs. To get one way travel insurance  the only requirement is that you've lived in Australia for 3 months. You don't need to be a permanent resident.

In email exchanges I've had with them, they have been really prompt and helpful. I'd really recommend them if you're looking for travel insurance cover.


We just wanted to say a big Thanks for all your help in regards to our travel insurance. Your kindness is appreciated.

Your help and guidance hasn't gone without notice and so we thought this card might help us to say thank you both.

Thanks again guys you made us feel so at ease.

Linelle and Sandra

Many thanks for your quick response to my enquiry. I have purchased the insurance quote this evening mainly because of the way my enquiry was handled. I am very impressed with the way your company conducts business and I will have no hesitation in using you annually from now on. I will be strongly recommending your simple and efficient way to purchase travel insurance to as many people as I can. WELL DONE!!!.

Once again many thanks and it has been a pleasure doing business with you.



Insure4less Are The Best! These people have got to be the best in the game. Both my claims have been awarded straight away. Insure4less price was the best amongst all the other insurers. A round of applause for these guys.


Thanks for making that so easy. I will be using you guys again next time I head off.



I received the compensation cheque today in the mail and would just like to thank you for how efficiently and quickly it was dealt with. I will have no hesitation in purchasing travel insurance through your company for future trips.

Kind regards,


Thanks for your prompt and extremely efficient service. I know who we'll be using and recommending next time we travel.



I just wanted to say thank you for your assistance in this whole process, from the help you provided on the phone when we were in New Zealand all the way to this final payment. I feared beforehand that the claiming process would be as traumatising as the loss of our luggage itself since we had never been though that before, and it turned out to be a real pleasure to be taken by the hand by you. Thank you very much,


Thanks for your help during this time. It was appreciated.



Thank you for your fast reply..


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We can insure travellers up to and including 75 years at the date of purchase. Please note it is age at date of purchase rather than at date of travel.

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We can insure travellers up to and including 75 years at the date of purchase. Please note it is age at date of purchase rather than at date of travel.

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