Why you should use our coronary angioplasty travel insurance

Firstly what exactly is a coronary angioplasty?

A coronary angioplasty is a medical procedure that improves blood flow to the heart and treats coronary heart disease.   During a coronary angioplasty, a balloon is inserted into the affected coronary arteries and inflated, thereby opening up narrowed arteries to improve blood flow to the heart.

A coronary angioplasty is not a cure for coronary heart disease – instead it improves blood flow to areas of the heart that are affected by narrow or clogged arteries.  The deposition of plaque can occur in other arteries of the heart or around the angioplasty site, thus vigilance in maintaining a healthy lifestyle is important.

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Why you should use our joint replacement travel insurance

Firstly, what is a joint replacement?

A joint replacement involves surgically removing parts of a joint which are arthritic or damaged.  The damaged joint is replaced with a plastic, metal or ceramic device, called a prothesis, which replicates the movement of a normal healthy joint.

Often a joint replacement will reduce pain and provide a better quality of life for a patient.

Replacement joint surgery can be performed all over the body – for example, ankles, wrists and shoulders, however the most commonly performed joint replacements are the knee and the hip.

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Top travel tips for seniors

There are no dubious hostels, stringent budgets or full-time jobs nagging for your return. Seniors are free to enjoy world travel just as much as – if not more than – travellers many years younger.

Sure, as a senior traveller you may face certain limitations: you’re not as mobile as used to be, for example. But this means only that you travel differently as a senior; it in no way means you don’t travel at all!

From seniors travel insurance to mobility and more, we’ve put together our top travel tips for 55 plus adults. Because what are your retirement years for if not a little (more) global discovery?

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Everything you need to know about your snowboarding holiday

Planning a trip to the slopes? Whether for the first or the fifteenth time, preparing your perfect snowboarding holiday can be quite the mountainous task – simply because there’s so much involved.

You’ll want to choose a ski resort that can best serve your snow holiday interests and snowboarding ability. You’ll want accommodation that caters to both your ideal and budget, and you’ll want to be properly covered with the best travel insurance for snowboarding, as well as with layers of adequate snow gear – but what else?

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Why you should use our high blood pressure (hypertension) travel insurance

Firstly, what exactly is high blood pressure (hypertension)?

The term “blood pressure” refers to the pressure that our blood exerts as it presses on the walls of our arteries as the heart pumps blood around the body. Maintaining this pressure is vital for both our circulation and our heart function. High blood pressure is also referred to as “hypertension”.

Blood pressure varies naturally throughout the day depending on what you’re doing and the position of your body, for example sitting or standing.

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Your guide to an epic ski holiday

You’ll want to do more than squats to prepare for an epic ski holiday. While we don’t dismiss the importance of a strong derrière, there is a lot more to consider when planning a holiday to the snow – especially if it’s for the first time.

From choosing the best resort and accommodation to travel insurance for skiing and more, we’ve put together a comprehensive guide to help you plan your next epic ski adventure.

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Staying healthy on a cruise – top tips for senior travellers

Is there a more convenient or comfortable way to see the world than on a cruise holiday? As a luxurious liner escorts you to magical destinations in faraway places, you need only to relax, indulge and enjoy a shipload of entertainment and activities on board: Will it be the spa? The whirlpool? How about a latin dancing class or a round of golf?

It’s almost like you’re travelling the world without a care in the world!


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Tips For Banking When You Travel Overseas

Unless you’re taking a trip into the wild, you’re probably going to need to spend some money when you take a trip overseas. Not only that, you need to make sure you have the means to manage your funds while far from home – just in case you (a) need more money, or (b) have to transfer money around or pay bills.

With a bit of planning, this is all simple enough. In fact, travellers have a wealth of options nowadays to help them deal with these challenges.

In summary, here’s what we recommend you do before taking off on your trip.

  1. Take enough cash so that you can survive a few days with nothing else – just in case your cards don’t work, or there’s an emergency early on in your trip.
  2. Carry a cash card (e.g. travel money/debit/credit card) so that you can avoid carrying too much cash at all times.
  3. Keep cash and cards separate wherever possible. Otherwise, you’re leaving yourself open to losing all your money at once.

There’s so much more for you to learn, though! We go into more detail below.

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Choosing travel insurance for senior travellers

Now more than ever before, senior travellers are venturing abroad and exploring exciting destinations all over the world.
Well, why not?

As a healthy senior, you shouldn’t miss out on overseas travel simply because of your age or a medical condition. Whether you’re in your 60s or 70s, or whether you’ve just turned 85, you deserve to travel freely and, most importantly, with peace of mind.

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Roaming Vs Pre-Paid When Travelling Overseas?

Using 1MB of data in Australia on your mobile phone can cost as little as 10c. Overseas, it could cost as much as $15.00.

When it comes to travelling abroad, none of us can honestly afford to remain untethered from the internet for long. Sure, a digital detox might be half the reason why we’re taking a trip in the first place, but we have to be honest – can we really get by in a foreign country without a maps app or our instant messaging app…or Instagram?

Most Australian phones should work across the globe, but the cost – as we’ve already outlined – can quickly become more expensive than you’re willing to pay.

The question is…how can you avoid the high price of using your phone internationally? We’ll show you!

pre paid vs roaming table

Before you take off … Ask your phone carrier if your handset will work overseas. They can tell you if your phone is locked to the carrier, and whether your handset will function with another country’s network.

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