4 Great Overseas Travel Destination Ideas for Australians in 2016


Are you hankering for a holiday in 2016? With so many vacation options to choose from, deciding on your next holiday destination can be hard, so let us make the decision easier for you!

We have come up with a list of great holiday destinations just for Aussies in 2016 to ensure you receive more bang for your buck and an unforgettable experience for your next holiday. The destinations we have chosen are not only affordable in 2016, but they are also enjoyable and packed full of attractions that will please even the fussiest traveller.


Why you should Visit

Australian’s have never been flooded with so much choice when it comes to flying to Hawaii, and this increased competition has pushed the price of flights to Hawaii down dramatically.

Only a few years ago, a return flight to Hawaii would cost you well over $1000 dollars while now it is reasonable to find flights for hundreds of dollars from Sydney and Brisbane thanks to budget airlines such as Jetstar joining the mix. Not only is the airfare affordable, but Hawaii is only a 9-10 hour direct flight away from Sydney, Gold Coast and Brisbane.

The Australian dollar has taken a dive recently against the US dollar but Australian’s continue to take advantage of cheap flight deals and head to the island destination in droves with Australian tourist numbers jumping 12.6 percent between January and July 2015 according to Sydney Morning Herald.

Despite the current state of the currency, prices are still relatively reasonable, and although Hawaii is more expensive than other popular island destinations in Asia or the Pacific Islands, you will be rewarded with a travel destination with leading shopping, resorts, attractions and entertainment.


Why you will Love It

Hawaii is the perfect island holiday spot that is a great alternative to other traditional island holiday destinations on our doorstep such as Bali, Thailand and Fiji.

Hawaii holds a vast array of sightseeing opportunities and activities that rival many leading holiday destinations. From lush rainforest to active volcanoes, the landscape in Hawaii is varied and beautiful. You have the flexibility to have a relaxing holiday lying on the beach or you can take part in activities such as water sports, nature watching, snorkelling and scuba diving, swimming with wild dolphins and manta rays, hiking along a volcano or joining a sightseeing tour bus to visit scenic locations and taste local flavours.

If you love discovering a new culture, many cultural Hawaiian traditions are still alive and well and you can take part in and learn about the traditions such as seeing a luau during your visit.

With six stunning islands to explore including Oahu, Hawaii Island, Kauai, Maui, Molokai and Lanai, each with their own unique landscapes, activities and sightseeing opportunities, you will never run out of things to see and do in Hawaii.


Things to See and Do

Waikiki Beach – One of the most famous beaches in the world, Waikiki Beachis a white sand shoreline with a stunning outlook over Diamond Head. Only a short walking distance to most well-known Waikiki hotels and resorts, Waikiki Beach is perfect for a swim and is the ideal beach for anyone who wants to learn to surf. Hawaii has a long history with surfing so there is no better place you can be if you want to test your abilities on a surfboard for the first time.

Volcanoes National Park – Nothing beats seeing the furious magnificence of mother nature first hand than seeing a live volcano up close, and that is exactly what is waiting for you at Volcanoes National Park. Walk along the harden lava flats where lava once flowed and stand alongside the glowing Kilauea crater that continues to be active to this day. With over 300,000 acres to explore in this national park, you can’t pass up this once in a lifetime opportunity while visiting Hawaii.


Travel Tips

All flights from Australia land in Honolulu but don’t let this be your only base to explore. Why not catch a connecting flight and explore the other islands of Hawaii? Each island has its own unique sights and experiences to offer.

Want to see more of the islands rather than being stuck in your resort the whole trip? With so many places to explore beyond the main tourist hubs, why not hire a car during your stay to explore the islands at your leisure?



Why you should Visit

Japan also has a surplus of competition in flights which is great news for any Australians hoping to travel to Japan. Australians have access to flights to up to 7 Japanese destinations depending on your location, with budget airlines offering return flights for hundreds of dollars. Japan is only an 8-10 hour flight away from Sydney and Brisbane, making it an ideal overseas destination for a shorter holiday break if you can’t afford an epic long-term holiday.

Japan is also increasingly more affordable with a reasonable exchange rate making prices on par if not slightly cheaper than prices we will find in Australia.


Why you will Love It

Japan really has it all. Vibrant and epic cities such as Tokyo and Osaka, an ancient culture with traditions that are alive and well, beautiful temples and natural locations that are wonderful to explore in every season as well as one of a kind modern and ancient cultural experiences from the quirky to the inspiring. Japan also boasts world-class ski fields with lift passes and accommodation at exceedingly affordable prices that any snow bunny would love.

Your senses will be overwhelmed as you walk through the glistening streets of Tokyo. Take part in unique, one of a kind experiences such as watching a sumo wrestling match, visiting a maid or cat café, ride the bullet train, viewing the serene beauty of Mt Fuji, visit a relaxing bathhouse or become absorbed in the Lolita culture in Harajuku. There is something for everyone in Japan.


Things to See and Do

Mt Fuji – Pictures just don’t do this iconic mountain any justice. A beautiful snow top peak towering over the landscape,Mt Fujitruly is a sight to behold. As the country’s tallest peak and an active volcano that is considered to be one of Japan’s 3 sacred mountains, you will be in awe of this impressive mountain when you see it with your own eyes.

Robot Restaurant – Located in the heart of Tokyo, Robot Restaurantis an accumulation of all things that makes modern Japan unique. An over the top yet enjoyable attack on all of your senses, Robot Restaurant combines an interactive show with robots, lights, bright costumes, fun dancing and excessive dance music for an enjoyable and one of a kind night out. Although you may not understand the plot of the show you are watching, or if there even is one, you are bound to be overwhelmed by this show that you will only find in Japan.


Travel Tips

The best way to travel around Japan is by train. Whether you are staying in one city or travelling across the country, there is a zig-zag of train lines including bullet trains that will take you to far-flung destinations in the shortest amount of time. It is recommended to purchase aPASMOcard and top up money onto the card to be used as you go. If you will be travelling on the train a lot, this proves to be a much more cost-effective and time-saving option than buying individual tickets for each journey.


New Zealand

Why you should Visit

Not only is New Zealand our closest neighbour, but it is also Australia’s most popular holiday destination that will continue to be a popular choice in 2016. With a short and affordable flight to a number of New Zealand locations from every major Australian city, New Zealand continues to be a great choice for all seasons. With affordable airfares and short travel distance combined with the superior exchange rate allowing our dollar to go further when we hit New Zealand shores, it is no wonder New Zealand continues to be Australia’s travel destination of choice.


Why you will Love It

How you choose to spend your time in New Zealand and the activities you choose to take part in will greatly depend on the seasons. Winter is a popular time of year thanks to the world leading ski fields across New Zealand including Queenstown. Snowboard and skiing enthusiasts are spoilt for choice in New Zealand and these outstanding snow-capped locations are just on our doorstep.

There is also plenty to do in warmer months also to keep you busy with adrenaline packed activities including bungee jumping and white water rafting. You can explore diverse landscapes from hot springs and boiling mud pools to subtropical forests and rolling green valleys. The pristine natural locations and towing snow-capped mountains in New Zealand are truly awe inspiring. With so much to see and do all year round, make sure you strongly consider New Zealand for your next holiday.


Things to See and Do

TranzAlpine Train – The TranzAlpine Train rail journey is considered to be one of the best in the world. Stretching from Christchurch to Greymonth, you will cross a vast array of stunning landscapes with wonderful locations to take your breath away at every turn. Your train will traverse the mighty Southern Alps and arrive in Greymoth where you can explore the unspoilt destination featuring wild rivers and mighty glaciers.

Bungy Jump – With New Zealand as the first home for organised commercial bungee jumping, there is no better place to take the leap of faith than here. If you are brave enough, you can choose the 500 foot Nevis Bungy Jumpoutside of Queenstown. If this is too high for your first bungee jump, there are smaller bungy jumps located across New Zealand.

Bring in a m that not all travel insurance would cover this; check it out, Insure4Less does.


Travel Tips

Many people travel to New Zealand to soak up its natural beauty and the best way to experience it is by hiring a car and driving through a variety of stunning locations for yourself. You can even go one step further and hire out motorhome for your stay. There is a vast array of campsites, campgrounds, holiday parks and farm stays across New Zealand where you can pull up at and sleep for the night in your motorhome. Not only does it give you more opportunity to explore more remote destinations, but it can also be a relatively cost effective solution for a whole family. Check out theNew Zealand Motorhomespage for more details.



Why you should Visit

Singapore is one of the cleanest and safest holiday destinations in Asia. With increasingly affordable airfares and a desirable exchange rate hovering around 0.90 to the Australian dollar, Australian tourists are sure to get more bang for their buck in Singapore. According to traveller.com.auSingapore was Australia’s seventh most visited travel destination in 2015.

Airfares to Singapore have also been spotted for hundreds of dollars return from all Australian capital cities, so there are great deals to be had when you can jump onto an airfare sale. Singapore is also a reasonable distance away with 8 – 10 hours flying time depending on your location. Whether you choose a trusted airline brand such as Singapore Airlines or a budget carrier, the airfare deals to Singapore are set to continue into 2016 for all airlines heading to Singapore.


Why you will Love It

Singapore is a multicultural melting pot with diverse cuisines, architectural styles and a wide range of cultural influences. Right in the heart of Asia, Singapore is a modern and thriving country boasting modern and iconic landmarks that are out of this world such as the Marina Bay Sands Skypark and Supertree Grove just to name a few.

Singapore city is modern with towering skyscrapers mixed with antiquated architecture with English and Asian influences. Singapore is also a food and shopping mecca for those who enjoy the finer things in life without the high price tag.

Singapore is also perfect for the whole family with world class theme parks, waterparks, zoos and nature parks that are perfect for children of any age. Whether you are looking for a vacation with friends or a family friendly holiday, Singapore is bound to satisfy a wide range of travel tastes and budgets.


Things to See and Do

Marina Bay Sands– A modern iconic architectural marvel that is a well-deserved focal point and attraction in the heart of Singapore. Opening in 2010,Marina Bay Sandsis a relatively new addition to the Singapore skyline but it hasn’t taken long to solidify its place as a leading attraction in the city of Singapore.

Boasting luxury accommodations, high-end shopping and an unmissable infinity pool providing unrestricted views of the city, Marina Bay Sands is a park in the sky and a centre for the arts that is a must visit for any tourist visiting Singapore.

Gardens By the Bay – Making up 101 hectares of reclaimed land,Gardens by the Bayis an even newer addition to Singapore’s extensive range of attractions. Opening in 2012, Gardens by the Bay holds expansive gardens with beautiful waterfront views integrated with a manmade forest in the clouds as well as stunning and haunting man made super trees standing up to 16 stories tall. The spectacular array of flora combined with modern manmade marvels makes a visit to Gardens by the Bay a truly unforgettable experience.


Travel Tips

Singapore does not hold up its reputation as one of the cleanest places in the world for nothing. Singapore has strict laws in place when it comes to keeping their country clean and tidy. If you chew gum and spit it out on the floor in public, you could be fined $500! You will even receive a $150 fine if you fail to flush a public toilet. The worst of all is littering, with the offence resulting in a $1000 fine. This is the price you pay however for enjoying an immaculately clean city that takes their clean and tidy reputation very seriously!


Have a Great Holiday!

Has any of these top 2016 destinations tickled your fancy? If so, there is one more very important travel tip left to share and that is to ensure you buy travel insurance no matter what travel destination you choose. At insure4less we know travel and we are happy to offer Australia’s best travel insurance suited for all of your travel needs.

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Whether you are dancing with a hula girl in Hawaii, spotting geishas in Japan, hitting the slopes in New Zeland or exploring modern architecture in Singapore, you are bound to have a wonderful trip full of unforgettable memories in 2016!

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