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If you’re an Australian resident travelling overseas and you forgot to take out travel insurance before you left, you’re not the first! With so many arrangements and plans to make for an overseas trip, travel insurance is often easily overlooked. But at Insure4Less we are able to provide last-minute travel insurance for Australians overseas, so you can still get the cover you need even if you’ve already left the country.

Travel insurance for Australians already overseas offers the same comprehensive and affordable cover as regular travel insurance purchased before you depart. It is available to any Australian residents who are:

  • Already overseas after having departed Australia without taking out travel insurance, or;
  • Already overseas after having departed Australia with travel insurance that has now expired, or;
  • Based overseas and are returning back home to Australia

If you need travel insurance for your return trip back to Australia, simply fill in our Quick Quote form to the right and you will be fully covered in 48 hours.

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Policy Conditions

To apply for travel insurance for Australians overseas from Insure4Less, you simply need to be:

  • An Australian resident
  • Returning to Australia by the end date of the policy
  • Aged 70 or under

You also need to be aware that you will not be covered for the first 48 hours from the date of buying your policy.

Please see our Frequently Asked Questions and Product Disclosure Statement for more details about our travel insurance policies, or email us at

What You’ll be Covered For

Taking out cover when you’re already overseas will not affect your amount of coverage or the levels of cover available to you. You still have the same full features and inclusions in your plan, and will be covered for a range of situations that can happen to you while you’re travelling.

No matter how far into your trip you are when you take out travel insurance for Australians overseas, you will be automatically covered after a 48 hour waiting period for the following things:

Medical Expenses and Emergencies

Our Medical Emergency Service is available 24 hours a day, 7 days a week and 365 days a year to ensure all your medical emergencies are seen to quickly and appropriately.

This Assistance Service will help you with paying medical and hospital bills, rescheduling travel plans, returning you to your home country or another appropriate medical facility if required, and arranging for a family member or friend to come and stay with you.

Travel Delays and Missed Departures

We’ll cover any additional travel and accommodation expenses required to reach your destination when you’re delayed or miss your connecting flight due to certain circumstances.

Cancellation Fees and Lost Deposits

If you have to cancel or cut short your trip for certain reasons such as illness, injury, pregnancy, redundancy, an accident or death, we will cover any non-refundable expenses for prepaid travel and accommodation.

Luggage and Personal Belongings

We offer varying levels of cover for loss, theft or damage to your luggage, valuables and personal belongings. This includes important travel documents such as your passport, tickets and visas, and your personal money. You can choose appropriate cover to align with the value of your belongings and how much you are bringing with you.

Terrorism and Catastrophes

At Insure4Less we are proud to also include cover for natural disasters, terrorism and overseas medical expenses for epidemics and pandemics. Your personal security is highly important to us, and if your trip is directly affected by a catastrophe such as a hurricane, then your travel insurance for Australians already overseas will cover any additional travel and accommodation expenses and if necessary, the cost of returning home.


Cruise holidays are automatically given the same amount of cover and financial protection as any other overseas holiday. Travelling on a domestic cruise on Australian waters? Simply select your area of travel as ‘Australia – Cruise’ to receive your cover.

Snow Sports and Recreational Activities

Our travel insurance plans include cover for a wide range of sports and activities from bungee jumping and tandem parachuting to scuba diving and kayaking. There’s even a snow sports option! View our full list to see what’s included.

And more!

If you’re already overseas when you take out a travel insurance policy, depending on which plan you select, you will still be covered for a number of additional things such as car rental excess, personal liability, legal advice and expenses, travel carrier insolvency, search and rescue expenses, accidental death and permanent disability, abandonment of trip, and much more.

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For More Information

See our Summary of Cover for a full list of inclusions and the maximum amounts payable under each section.

Forgetting to take out travel insurance before you leave home shouldn’t stop you from being able to make the most of your overseas trip. Enjoy financial security and protection with comprehensive travel insurance for Australians overseas from Insure4Less, so you can travel without worries or stress no matter where in the world you are.

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