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Taking the leap to backpack your way around the globe is an exciting and liberating experience. The new experiences and perspectives you gain on the world will be invaluable, but it is also important to ensure you have appropriate travel insurance to cover you on your travels.

You never know what issues you could run into on your epic adventure, which is why it is definitely worthwhile to have a cheap travel insurance option on hand that you can afford.

In a recent poll on, 4 out of 5 backpackers said that they take out travel insurance when they travel. With the rather wide and baffling variety of insurance policies out there though, it can sometimes be hard to pick the one that's going to give you the best deal.

Every insurance company seems to offer something different, and every insurance company seems to take a different approach.

Knowing that you guys are out there, saving hard, trying to make each hard-earned cent go just that little bit further, we've focussed on developing a cheap travel insurance product that is specifically geared towards the independent traveller – an insurance policy that can offer you more bang for your buck, without skimping on the basics.

Insure4less’ essentials policy is the travel insurance product you could be looking for. Aimed at Aussies travelling overseas, the Insure4less essentials travel insurance policy offers discounted online prices and a wide range of protection to cover just about every kind of backpacker.

Why you Need Backpacker Travel Insurance

Travel Insurance should not be considered an unnecessary extra cost, because it can be a vital thing to have if you get stuck while on your backpacking adventure. It is wishful thinking, especially for a backpacker, if you believe that everything you have organised for your travels will go to plan.

If an emergency arises, especially when you are in an unfamiliar country, the financial assistance and protection that travel insurance provides is incomparable.

There are many benefits that being covered by backpacker travel Insurance can provide:

  • Length of Cover: At Insure4less, a range of flexible policies are available that can cover both short and long trips. One-way options are also provided if you don’t yet have a return date. When choosing to travel on a backpacking adventure, we know you won’t always know the length of your holiday or when you’ll be returning home.

    If your trip was impulsive and you did not to take out cover before you left, or if you have decided to extend your travels for a longer period of time, then you will have the ability to organise and amend your policy from wherever you are. This service will also be provided at no extra cost to you.

  • Quick and Easy Claim Process: Don’t expect less than a super quick and simple claim process. You will receive just that when you purchase backpacker travel insurance. A claim can be submitted at any time, 24 hours a day and 7 days a week. Valid and fully documented claims will also usually be paid within 10 business days, directly to your bank account. Get that money you need quickly to rest easy for the rest of your travels.
  • Get Covered Instantly: If you are leaving for your holiday today and forgot to book travel insurance, don’t fret! You can purchase travel insurance on the same day you start your travels and you will be fully covered. Quality and cheap travel insurance can still be arranged at last minute, no hassle and you will receive an email from us with full confirmation details and information that you will need instantly.
  • Travel to Multiple Destinations: Whether you are travelling to one location or many, we have you covered. Every country and continent is included for our travel insurance to give you the protection you need. 

What Makes Insure4less so Special?

At Insure4less, we’re dedicated to helping you enjoy a holiday free from stress when you purchase a backpacker travel insurance policy. Here’s what you get with Insure4less:

  • Always close to the heart of a backpacker: It's cheap travel insurance. Special online rates and a wide variety of options mean that you can find the best deal to suit your particular budget.
  • We're accessible: a 24/7 medical emergency helpline, provided by one of the world's leading travel insurance assistance companies, means you're always close to help, whenever you need it.
  • We cater for working holidays: If you plan on working overseas, insure4less will provide automatic coverage of non-manual, non-hazardous work (like bar work, nursing, fruit picking, an office job etc)
  • We cover most adventure activities: sports enthusiasts will be happy to know that there's free cover of cool amateur sports and activities you’re ever likely to do, like bungee jumping, scuba diving and even tandem skydiving – the kind of spontaneous leaps we often take when travelling.
  • We include cover for terrorist acts: terrorism knows no boundaries, and attacks can happen at any time, with innocent bystanders getting caught in the fray. In a situation like that, far away from home, it's essential to have backup, and with insure4less you'll have full medical cover in the event of such an attack.
  • No return ticket: We also provide travel insurance cover for individuals who do not have a return ticket back into Australia. This is an option that is not often provided by other travel insurers, making the policy we provide perfect for backpackers who often have spontaneous travel plans and do not book return tickets home.
  • Money back guarantee: We also offer a 14 day money back guarantee because we are so confident our policies will be right for you.
  • Don't forget group cover: If you need group travel insurance to book for your backpacking trip, at insure4less we can provide cover for up to 25 adults and 25 children in one policy.

All of these benefits, combined with our discounted online prices, proves that Insure4less backpacking travel insurance has the features and cover you need for your next backpacking holiday.

Backpacker Travel Tips

There are many travel tips that every backpacker should take on board to ensure a safe and enjoyable holiday. You can depend on backpacker travel insurance to protect you if the unexpected occurs.

Once you have your insurance covered, there are a number of other things you should consider while you’re travelling to protect yourself. Here are a few tips and pieces of advice to assist on your travels:

Make sure vaccinations are at the top of your list prior to travel

Depending on the destination you intend on travelling to, there could be a variety of different vaccinations you will need to ensure you don’t return home form your holiday with a nasty illness. Your Doctor may also prescribe other medications to take on your travels, so make sure you provide your doctor with details on the destinations you will be travelling to.

Ensure you have a backup of all of your important information

Make copies of your travel insurance policy, passport and other travel documents. It is also a great idea to print those copies out and keep them on you while you’re travelling. Why not save a copy of your passport and other important documents in your Google Drive? It's free and offers you a lifeline if something goes missing, is stolen or gets damaged, and will make discussions with an embassy so much easier to resolve.

An international travel money card is also a worthwhile option to look into

It is a popular option and a great alternative to carrying large quantities of cash and traveller’s cheques. It is also a great safeguard in comparison to using your credit card as you specify the amount of money you wish to put on the card for your travels. You should also visit a currency exchange centre to obtain some local currency before you arrive at every location, in case of unexpected expenses you may face once you arrive at your destination.

Take measures to protect your valuables while on holiday

Ensure you have locks on your bags to ward off prying hands. It is also advisable to leave your valuables in a secure safe wherever possible.

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