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Insure4less has made buying travel insurance for groups and families so much easier. Whether you’re going on a school tour, a sports tour, a family holiday or visiting a place of special interest, we are the only company in Australia that allows you to complete the whole insurance process online saving you valuable time and effort.

We provide quality family and group travel insurance to ensure you and all your travelling companions have effective cover to fall back on if something unexpected happens while you’re away. As the organiser, you have a responsibility to ensure that your group is properly protected – so let us make it easy!

Simply get a quote by entering the total number of adults and/or children travelling, and if you like the price you can just follow the prompts to continue to secure our cheap travel insurance online.

You just need to make sure that all those who are going to be insured have been advised to read the Product Disclosure Statement and their attention drawn to the exclusions and conditions in it. This will guarantee that the chosen level of cover is exactly what you all require for your trip.

The person purchasing the group or family travel insurance policy is required to answer all the questions in the online application on behalf of all persons to be insured to the best of their knowledge and belief, and should undertake all reasonable steps to obtain the required information in respect of everyone.

There is no requirement to obtain signatures from each insured or parent, and to successfully complete the application you will need to know each person’s age. It couldn’t be easier!

For a copy of the latest PDS please click here.

Family on Holiday

What we Cover

Our family and group travel insurance plans are extensive and affordable to make sure you have all the cover you need while you’re away from home. With a range of cover levels available, and the ability to include large groups of up to 25 adults and 25 children all under one policy, you have the freedom to tailor a plan that works for you and everyone travelling with you.

Available as both a single trip and annual multi trip travel insurance policy, comprehensive group and family travel insurance from Insure4less automatically covers you for a wide variety of situations that can happen to you while you’re travelling. These include:

  • Overseas medical, hospital, surgical and dental expenses
  • Missed departures and connections
  • Travel delays
  • Baggage, valuables and personal effects
  • Personal money and travel tickets, including your Passports and visas
  • Abandonment of trip
  • Resumption of trip
  • Cancellation fees, deposits and curtailment
  • Personal liability
  • Catastrophes including overseas medical cover for epidemics and pandemics, natural disasters, war and terrorism
  • Accidental death and permanent disablement
  • Car rental excess
  • Search and rescue expenses
  • Travel carrier insolvency
  • Legal advice and expenses

You can see the full details of our cover and the maximum amounts payable per person under each section in our Summary of Cover. If you have any questions about our policies, please check our Frequently Asked Questions or email for one of our dedicated travel insurance specialists.

Choosing the Right Group or Family Travel Insurance Policy

When it comes to selecting the right level of cover for your family or group trip, there are a number of things you should take into consideration. You need to ensure your policy provides enough cover for you to fall back on if something should happen, so that you’re not left out of pocket in an emergency situation.

Here’s what you need to think about before choosing your cheap travel insurance plan from Insure4less:

  • Medical Expenses: Your health is vital, so it’s always better to have more medical coverage than you need. All our travel insurance policies come with up to $10 million medical expenses cover automatically included, regardless of the level of cover you choose, so you can rest assured that if something should happen then you will be able to get the treatment you require. We also cover a large selection of pre-existing medical conditions on application.Our Medical Emergency Service is available 24 hours a day, 7 days a week and 365 days a year to assist you immediately with any serious illnesses or injuries while you and your family or group are abroad.
  • Luggage and Valuables Cover: Cover limits for luggage, valuables and personal effects vary between the different types and levels of group and family travel insurance. Make sure you think about how much you are bringing with you, and choose the appropriate cover to match.
  • Destinations: You need to select all the destinations you will be travelling to when you apply for cover, to ensure you and your family or group will be protected everywhere you go. This includes any stopovers, even if it’s just for a day or two.At Insure4less we cover most destinations around the world, and if you’re going on a cruise then this is automatically covered too! If you’re cruising domestically on Australian waters, you just need to select your area of travel as ‘Australia – Cruise’ to receive your cover. Don’t forget to include any additional destinations that you visit as part of your cruise as well, even if it’s just a short visit.
  • Adventure / Sports Activities: If you’re planning to do any specific sports or activities while you’re away, make sure you check your policy to see that it is included. Our family and group travel insurance plans cover over 160 different sports and activities from bungee jumping to scuba diving, with the option to add on extra cover for snow sports.View our full list of included adventure/sports activities here, and if you’re planning to participate in another activity that isn’t listed here, contact us to discuss your cover options.
  • Exclusions: Every travel insurance policy comes with exclusions, so make sure you read the Product Disclosure Statement carefully to fully understand what is and isn’t covered. If there’s anything in the policy wording that you don’t understand, please email us.

Family On Vacation

Travelling as a Family or Group: Vital Travel Tips

Whether you’re travelling with a large school or sports tour, or in a family with young children, it’s important that you take steps before and during your trip to stay safe and make it as hassle-free as possible.

Here are our top tips for family and group travel:

Organisation is key

Plan and research your trip in advance to choose destinations, accommodation and activities that are fun and safe for everyone involved. If you have little ones travelling with you, look for family friendly spots and be realistic about the kinds of things you can do with them. Don’t over-extend yourself, and if you set a budget then stick to it!

Pack smart

This is especially important if you’re travelling with children. Get them involved in the packing process, and remember to bring extra snacks, toys and entertainment to help them get through long flights or road trips.

If your kids are young, it’s a good idea to have a variety of their favourite toys because their attention spans are short. But if you have older children, an mp3 player, gaming console or media player will usually be enough to keep them occupied.

Carry documentation with you

Keep copies of all your important documents with you, such as Passports, visas and travel tickets. If you’re travelling with children in a country where child trafficking is common, you should also carry extra documentation which proves your child is yours, for example, their birth certificate or adoption papers.

Stick together

You’re much less likely to get into trouble or encounter problems if you travel in a group rather than alone, especially if you’re in a foreign country. Make decisions as a group and try and accommodate for everyone’s preferences. If you do need to separate, do so in smaller groups and arrange a place and time for everyone to meet up again.

Learn the area and the local emergency contacts

Unfamiliar countries can be exciting but there are also many dangers you can encounter as a tourist in a foreign place, so try and stick to known tourist hubs and areas that accommodate for visitors. Get advice from your hotel concierge or accommodation about the best places to visit in the area, and if there are any particular places you should avoid.

It’s also important to make a note of the local emergency contact numbers for every destination you visit, so that you can always reach the police or medical assistance if you need it.

Most Importantly…

Take out quality family or group travel insurance that will provide you with the cover you’ll need if something goes wrong. At Insure4less we provide a range of policies that will protect you, your family and your belongings no matter where in the world you are.

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