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Insure4less Online Travel Insurance Policies

There are so many different vacation options with various activities and places to explore, which is why insure4less have a variety of travel insurance products available at an affordable price, tailored to suit the cover you require for your specific travel plans.

No two holidays are the same and every individual has specific needs and expectations for their ideal holiday. We strive to provide policies to suit a wide range of people, holidays and scenarios.

If you are planning on undertaking a backpacking adventure, our backpacker travel insurance could be just what you are looking for. If you prefer an adrenalin pumping skiing or snowboarding trip, our skiing and snowboarding travel insurance would be your best bet. If you head abroad regularly, annual multi-trip travel insurance is a great cost effective option. Not only does our annual multi-trip insurance include 23 days of free snow cover, it allows you to travel unlimited times in a year. Finally, if you have a large family or school trip to plan, our group travel insurance will make the process easier for you.

We also have a great student insurance option available for any overseas exchange students seeking to live and study abroad. 

Take the time to read through the travel insurance options we have below and find the perfect online travel insurance solution for you and your travel plans.

Backpacker Travel Insurance

Backpacking is a wonderful way to see the world, but it doesn’t come without risks and often the extra risks and uncertainties can result in a higher cost for your insurance policy. At insure4less, we provide backpacker travel insurance that can offer you more bang for your buck, without skimping on the basics for your travel adventure.

When purchasing backpacker travel insurance from us, you can trust that you will have the cover you need, including cover for working holidays, most adventure activities and cover for terrorist acts.

We want to make sure you have extra money in your pocket by providing a backpacker travel insurance policy that delivers great value and great cover.

We’ve developed this travel insurance product specifically for with an independent traveller in mind. If you would like to find out more about the benefits our backpacker travel insurance can offer you on your journey of a lifetime, see our Backpacker Travel Insurance page for full details.

Ski Holiday

Snowboarding & Skiing Travel Insurance

Every year, many Australians choose to hit the slopes for their vacation of choice.

Whether skiing or snowboarding overseas, there are always going to be risks involved in this fun and exhilarating activity, which is why you need adequate travel insurance in place.

Snow sport-related accidents do often occur and they can be expensive, so be sure to take that extra step with skiing and snowboarding travel insurance to cover any extra expenses that may be involved.

When you seek online travel insurance with us, our quote system will ask if you want cover for snow sports. You will then receive an extension on your policy to include medical expenses that may occur if you injure yourself whilst skiing or snowboarding. It’s that easy to get the extra cover you need to ensure you have appropriate snowboarding and skiing travel insurance.

Also you may be pleased to know that unlike many other insurers, outside of North America, we can extend cover to include off-piste sports. To receive more information on the skiing and snowboarding travel Insurance available, take a look at our Snowboarding and Skiing Travel Insurance page.

Annual Multi-trip Travel Insurance

If you have the travel bug or if you need to travel frequently for business related purposes, it is probably best to obtain travel insurance that is suitable for your regular travel needs.

If you are a frequent traveller and you are under 70 years of age, the Insure4less Annual Multi-Trip Travel Insurance plan could be the best and most cost effective solution for you.

If you plan on travelling more than once or twice in the next year, save the hassle of arranging online travel insurance for each trip you take. With annual multi-trip travel insurance, you can receive comprehensive travel insurance at a competitive price that could save you money and cover all of your travels over a 12 month period.

No need to book travel insurance every time you travel overseas. With this policy, you can now secure your travel insurance for all of your travel plans over the next 12 months.

There are also other additional benefits included in this policy such as 23 days of free snow sports cover. This policy can even cover trips within Australia that include at least one overnight stay. You don’t even have to be a permanent resident of Australia to purchase this travel insurance.

Discover all of the benefits in this policy by checking out our Annual Multi-trip travel insurance page for full details.

Backpackers Sitting Together

Group and Family Travel Insurance

Insure4less has made buying travel insurance for groups so much easier. Our group travel insurance options are perfect for school tours, sports tours or visits to places of special interest.

This is also perfect for family travel insurance if you have many relatives joining you on your trip. In fact, insure4less is the only company in Australia that allows you to proceed with the whole group insurance process online.  We want to make the process easy and convenient for you.

The process of organising insurance for your group or family has never been easier. Thanks to our online travel insurance quoting and purchasing process, there is no requirement to obtain signatures from each insured or parent. To complete the application you will simply need to know each person’s age and then you can proceed with the process with ease.

To discover how easy it is to get the group insurance you need, visit our group travel insurance page with full group and family travel insurance details available.

Travel Insurance for Australians Overseas

Are you already overseas but forgot to purchase travel insurance before you left? Many people find themselves in this scenario – it is very easy to forget to purchase travel insurance with so many things to organise before you depart for your holiday.

However there is no need to regret forgetting to purchase travel insurance before you left. Thankfully at Insure4less, we have the ability to provide last-minute travel insurance for Australians who are overseas. The travel insurance you receive will be the same as the cover you would have received if you purchased it before you left, so you do not lose out from purchasing your insurance later than you anticipated.

If you would like to learn more about the Australian overseas travel insurance we have available, take a look at our Australian overseas Travel Insurance page providing you with the information you need.

Student Travel Insurance

High school and student exchange travel insurance is also highly sought after. It is an exciting time for any student who departs on an exchange program overseas, and as with any overseas travel, it has its own specific needs and challenges when it comes to travel insurance.

For overseas exchange students, there is often a visa requirement which insists on travel insurance being purchased prior to travel. That travel insurance also requires an appropriate level of cover that meets minimum requirements set by that country’s government.

We believe that all travel insurance policies offered by insure4less exceed these requirements. To read up on the full details regarding travel insurance for exchange students, head over to our Student Travel Insurance page to find out more.

Seniors Travel Insurance

Australian senior travellers are exploring the world more and more and why shouldn’t you? Perhaps you are heading overseas to visit friends or family or embarking on a dream holiday. Whatever the reason, don’t forget your travel insurance so that you have peace of mind that you will be taken care of in the event of an insured event. 

With insure4less, cover is provided for travellers up to age 70 whether on a domestic or international trip. Seniors cruise cover is also included at no additional charge. 

Importantly, with insure4less, travellers with existing medical conditions can apply for pre-existing medical cover using our quick, online medical screening process. Your policy documentation will clearly outline the cover provided so that there’s no delay in the event of an emergency. 

We are confident that insure4less travel insurance offers great value cover for senior travellers including those with existing medical conditions. You can learn more about the cover provided on our Seniors Travel Insurance page. 

The Right Online Travel Insurance Policies for You

With all of the travel insurance options you would ever need at an affordable price, along with an easy online travel insurance quoting and purchasing process, Insure4less is the only place you need to come to for your travel insurance needs.

From family travel insurance to cover all of your relatives, to a skiing enthusiast wishing to obtain snowboarding and skiing travel insurance to cover any potential skiing accidents, please contact us if you need any further information.

To ensure you have all of the knowledge you need about the travel insurance cover you wish to take out, do take the time to read through our Product Disclosure Statement .

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