Annual Multi Trip Travel Insurance for Frequent Flyers

Annual Multi Trip Travel Insurance for Frequent Flyers

The Insure4Less annual multi trip travel insurance plans have been designed to provide a cost effective solution for frequent travellers under 70 years of age. These plans give you the flexibility and convenience to travel as much as you please anywhere around Australia and overseas for a year, under the protection of one comprehensive travel insurance policy.

So if you’re planning a few trips a year, or you frequently need to make last-minute travel plans for business, our cheap annual travel insurance will make ongoing cover much more affordable. Enjoy the freedom of unlimited trips for 12 months, up to a maximum of 93 days per trip, and travel with confidence knowing that you’ll be looked after if something unexpected were to happen.

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Annual Trip

The Finer Details

If you are planning to travel overseas or around Australia more than once or twice in the next year, then a cheap annual travel insurance plan from Insure4Less may be your best bet. Not only could it save you a lot of money, but it also saves you the worry and hassle of having to arrange separate travel insurance for each trip.

Here are some of the important details you need to know about our annual multi trip plans:

  • All our plans cover any number of trips from Australia in a 12 month period, with the option to select different trip durations up to a maximum of 93 days per trip. You choose when you want your policy to start and it will cover you for 12 months from that date.
  • We’ve thrown in the added benefit of up to 23 days of free snow sports cover, which includes on-piste snowboarding as well as on-piste skiing. You can apply this cover whenever you like, and unlike a standard travel insurance policy with added snow sports cover, there is no need to enter the dates that you plan to participate in these snow sports.
  • If you opt for our top plan “Excel Plus”, all adults and children covered under the policy can travel independently of each other, which is ideal for children travelling on school trips or for couples who travel on their own.
  • We even cover trips within Australia subject to at least one overnight stay and a minimum distance of 250km from your place of residence.

You don’t even have to be a Permanent Resident of Australia to take advantage of our annual multi trip travel insurance; you simply need to have been living in Australia for at least the past 3 months.

So make the most of our fantastic, comprehensive annual cover options and travel the world your way.

The Advantages of Multi Trip Travel Insurance

We offer a range of affordable travel insurance options to suit every type of traveller. If you’re a frequent traveller, multi trip travel insurance can offer you a number of fantastic advantages:

It is cheaper than buying single policies every time you travel

You could save yourself a lot of money purchasing one all-inclusive annual plan rather than a separate travel insurance policy for every trip.

This type of plan covers you for an unlimited number of trips in a 12 month period, so if you’ll be travelling in Australia or overseas more than once or twice a year, it’s possibly worth taking out annual cover.

It is convenient and gives you the freedom to travel spontaneously

As well as saving you a lot of time and effort researching and purchasing quality cover every time you travel, annual multi trip travel insurance also means you don’t have to tell your insurer each time you go away.

This means that spontaneous trips are automatically covered and you can plan trips at the last minute with one less thing to organise, knowing that you’ll be protected if something goes wrong.

Annual cover is also ideal for business travellers who often have to travel on short notice, allowing you to travel as frequently as you need with convenience and ease.

It provides the same cover as a standard travel insurance policy, for every trip

Your multi trip travel insurance provides the same level of cover as standard travel insurance policies, and you get this full cover on every trip.

You’ll be covered for medical expenses, lost or stolen luggage, travel delays, most sports and recreational activities, cancellation fees and lost deposits, and much more!

You can find more details about what you’ll be covered for below.

Annual multi trip travel insurance from Insure4Less gives you the freedom to travel with ease, knowing you’ll be protected whenever and wherever you go. Get a free quote for 12 months of unlimited cover, and see the world the way you want.


What You’ll Be Covered For

Our affordable travel insurance plans provide comprehensive cover for everything you’d expect, plus much more. We are proud to deliver flexible policies that can be easily tailored to your budget and travel plans, to ensure you are always covered when the unexpected happens and are looked after when you need it most.

Annual multi trip plans will cover you for everything a standard policy would cover you for while you’re away, including:

  • Overseas medical expenses
  • Missed departures and connections
  • Personal money and travel tickets
  • Baggage and personal effects
  • Cancellation fees, loss of deposit and curtailment
  • Travel delays
  • Cruise holidays
  • Legal advice and expenses
  • Personal liability
  • Catastrophes and terrorism
  • Sports and recreational activities
  • Car rental excess
  • Abandonment of trip
  • Search and rescue expenses
  • Accidental death and permanent disability
  • And more!

For a full summary of what’s covered under your travel insurance policy and the maximum amounts payable for each section, please visit our Cover page.

If you have any general enquiries about our policies or cover options, you can email us at and one of our travel insurance specialists will get back to you within one business day.

10 Day Claim Payment Guarantee

At Insure4Less we are proud to back every travel insurance policy with a 10 day claim payment guarantee.

So if you ever need to make a claim under your multi trip travel insurance policy, you can be confident that all valid, fully documented claims will be paid out within 10 business days. Funds will be transferred to your nominated bank account so that you can access them straight away.

The claims process is simple too: just get in touch with our dedicated claims adjusters for a claim form. You can contact them by phone or email from anywhere in the world – just make sure you have your contact details and travel insurance policy certificate number on hand to help the process go as quickly and smoothly as possible.

Please visit our Claims page for all the details, as well as information about how to access our 24/7 overseas medical assistance service and what to do in a medical emergency.

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